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Don't let untreated ADHD lead to drug use, school failure, anti-social behavior, job-problems, or dangerous impulsivity!

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  • Unlock your or your child's full potential!

  • Get back on track, and stay on track

  • Patient-directed natural, orthomolecular, whole-person, and family-centered treatments are available, in addition to prescription medicines, mindfulness training, and coaching

  • Improve social skills, make friends, and learn to date safely

  • Experience excellence from our award-winning clinical team

  • Continue your successful treatment with convenient, and easy-to-use telehealth sessions from your home or office!

We strive to provide our patients with:​

Quality healthcare provided by a team of extraordinary Eastern, Western, and Physical medicine experts to diagnose and treat neurobiological concerns,  behavioral challenges, socialization deficits, and neuro-psychiatric conditions using the best treatments and technology available.

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