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Mind & Body Works Inc.

Pediatric and adult evaluations in accordance with Hawaii's Marijuana Registry laws.

Concierge Package: assistance with the forms and process available!

Our Telehealth experts provide exceptional care to adults and children across Hawaii.

  • Our integrated clinical team strives to unlock your or your child's full potential that is being trapped behind developmental, psychological, and behavioral roadblocks
  • We provide natural, whole-person, and family-centered treatments in addition to Western medicine, mindfulness training, and counseling
  • We help adults and youth with attention problems including ADHD stay on track and prevent drug use, school failure, social difficulties, and dangerous impulsivity
  • We help shy adults and youth improve social skills, make friends, and date peers

We strive to provide our patients with:​

Quality healthcare provided by a team of extraordinary Eastern, Western, and Physical medicine experts to diagnose and treat neurobiological concerns,  behavioral challenges, socialization deficits, and psychiatric conditions using the best treatments and technology available.

Our Mission

Multidisciplinary & Online Care

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