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Mind & Body Works Inc.

Mind & Body Works has partnered with local and national health care giants to develop a new model of mental health care delivery for the State of Hawaii.  Together, we are drafting a proposal to build a community of providers, stakeholders and patients that collaborates with primary care using both telehealth, and quality care coordination. 

This effort will be spearheaded by an elite group of well-respected health practitioners assembled together as the Kūpuna Advisory Council.  This Kūpuna Network   will advise our efforts to envision, design and deploy a new model of health care delivery that meets the needs of patients, providers, and employers while decreasing the emotional, physical, and financial burden caused by untreated and under-treated mental illnesses.

The Kūpuna Network

Bringing local expertise and cutting-edge telehealth technologies together to deliver quality mental health care across the Hawaiian islands

Our Kūpuna Network   will ensure that our collaboration meets the needs of all people living in both urban and rural neighborhoods, and programs are respectful of the strengths and needs of the different ethnic and cultural communities across the Hawaiian islands.



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