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These resources are written for people who will be setting up a videoconference destination site at a school or in their home.

They summarize how to select and arrange the room, create great lighting, choose seating arrangements, and set up the best camera angle. We encourage clinicians to read these guides and give them to their clients. 

When our clinic adopted telemedicine in 2009, we had to figure a lot of things out for ourselves. We created this book so patients and providers can quickly learn how to do telehealth well. This will help providers and patients develop and maintain strong provider-patient relationships in the telehealth venue.

This book discusses and demonstrates  critical telehealth skills and strategies that make telehealth services more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. We hope you enjoy this guide to telehealth success.

If you have ever felt self-conscious about how you look on camera, you are not alone. Actors and newscasters make working with a camera look easy and effortless.  Like most skills, there are only a few people who naturally present as well on camera as they do in person. The rest of us have to cultivate these telehealth provider skills before we are ready for “prime time.”  

We all want to project a professional image to our patients and this is part of what inspires their confidence in us.  People naturally assume that people who look “together” have it “together” and are in command of their professional skills and can competently treat them. 

In our consulting services, we teach you the fundamentals of videoconferencing and how to present well on camera through a combination of multimedia presentations and hands-on learning with experienced telemedicine and broadcast television professionals. 

Doing telehealth well makes it better medicine.  
Learn how to cultivate your videoconferencing skills.

Provider & Patient Training 

Successful virtual home visits are the result of planning and preparation. When done well, your visit will seem as effortless and genuine as if you stepped through your patient’s front door. However, without good planning and preparation it can easily become an uncomfortable and unproductive session.

Clinicians need to confidently, skillfully, and effectively utilize telehealth as a clinical venue and as an increasingly essential method of health care delivery. Videoconferencing skills are not yet a part of professional training programs.  Providers, healthcare institutions and telemedicine technology companies frequently underestimate the impact these skills or the lack of them have on the therapeutic relationship, patient satisfaction, and medical outcomes.

Most telehealth providers receive little if any training in how to prepare the setting, communicate well through the camera and exploit the advantages of telemedicine. The result is poor provider satisfaction with telemedicine, poor patient engagement, and diminished medical outcomes despite most patients' favorable opinion of telehealth.

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